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Full care and excellent communication, from planning your trip to the post-hunt process and everything in between.

For over 20 years, Passion & Prey has been providing hunt-planning and logistics services across many locations around the world, with special focus on trips to our home country, Hungary. We’re passionate about sharing our ancient and sustainable hunting practices with our guests. Hunting in Hungary is a great opportunity for passionate hunters. Hungary’s natural beauty, rich history, and world-famous big game population make this country one of the best European hunting destinations.

Our multilingual, professional guides ensure full care and excellent communication, from planning your trip to the post-hunt process and everything in between. When hunting in Hungary with Passion & Prey you can expect the highest no-waste standards, high success rates, and quality trophies.

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Our mission is to represent our blessed European hunting heritage and culture to our guests. We follow traditional, fair chase hunting methods and ceremonies that are still used in our home country, Hungary. And we always follow strict and sustainable game management practices.  Together, we show respect for the wild game that sacrificed its life to honor our ancient hunting heritage and passion. Our trips are tailor-made to match your desires and budget. Pick a species and/or hunting method, let us know how long you’d like the trip to be, and we’ll do the rest!

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All Year Round

September 1 – January 31

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Success Stories

Over the past two decades we had a chance to host great guests and meet amazing hunters from all around the world.  Check out our hunting blogs and read about  our guests’ the most exciting stories!

I’ve only ever done two reviews and they were for exceptional service so that should tell you something about how happy I was with the whole experience of planning, booking, and hunting Red Stag in Sumeg Hungary! Albert at Passion and Prey was the most responsive and helpful hunting services provider I have ever dealt with!

The quality and quantity of the game in Hungary can only come from centuries of wild game management.

I did a lot of spotting and stalking and covered a lot of ground; in the end, I took two gold medal stags. One world-class stag with a trophy weight of 14.05 kilograms was the largest ever killed in the region!

— Clark. S. (USA)